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In 1997, Chuck Fata began teaching a 15-hour massage class for students at the University of Irvine in California. He soon realized that everyone has a strong need to be touched in a respectable, caring and loving way. His focus on the importance of reverent touch in giving a massage made his students comfortable, relaxed and ready to do the hands-on work. They learned to give a professional massage quickly, effortlessly, and without inhibitions.

Inspired by the overwhelmingly positive response of these students, Jackie Sloan, massage instructor and therapist, and Chuck Fata created Touch Communications Home Massage Workshops for the general public. They have worked hard to develop an approach to learning massage that is easy, effective, safe, rewarding and fun.

With the addition of Suzette Hodnett, Life Coach and Coordinator, to TCHM, our book, "HOME MASSAGE: Transforming Family Life Through the Healing Power of Touch" and our Dvd, "Principles and Techniques of Home Massage" were created.

Since Chuck's passing in 2009, his dream of returning the healing gift of touch into the hands and homes of all that he could reach is still continued through our massage workshops, book and DVD, plus our newly developed retreat series, "Finding Calm within the Chaos", that teaches massage and introduces other tools of stress reduction (such as Tai Chi, Yoga, drumming and more).