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With home massage, we find relief from a variety of ailments without the financial burden of medical bills. As health insurance costs soar our need for self-responsibility and prevention becomes even more important. Hands-on healing will help lessen the need for doctor visits, drugs and hospital care. The convenience of Home Massage makes it an invaluable tool that can be used with almost limitless frequency. It can aid in not only the treatment but in the prevention of so many ailments of daily life - everything from sports injuries to pain management to stress reduction. It can promote relaxation and, ultimately, our emotional well-being.



Releases the nervous system, relieving anxiety, lifting depression, and boosting energy.

Increases joint flexibility and relaxes and softens injured and over-used muscles.

Creates a relaxed state of being.

Regular sessions significantly reduce stress.

Assists the blood flow, encourages the lymphatic drainage, and stretches the connective tissue of our joints.

Boosts our immune system.

Brings awareness of our mind/body connection.

Improves circulation, bringing much-needed oxygen and other nutrients to our tissue.

Fulfills our emotional need for caring, nurturing touch.

Releases endorphins, the body's natural painkiller.