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Originator and co-founder of Touch Communications Home Massage Workshops, Chuck Fata was a nationally certified massage therapist with a private practice in Long Beach, California. He taught massage and bodywork to both professionals and non-professionals. According to Webster, "To touch someone means to influence, shape or change them." According to Chuck, "The therapeutic power of touch or massage goes well beyond simple influence. It can also connect and, more importantly heal." We miss Chuck in the classroom and in our lives, but his dream continues.


Co-founder of TCHM, certified massage therapist and Reiki Master Jackie says that, "Touch is our own innate magic." Through her practice of 19 years, she has noticed the basic necessity for individuals to realize their connection to themselves and to others. She has watched that realization bring peace and health to individuals and to those around them. It is from this place of connection, with the love and support of her husband and family, that Jackie is motivated to bring touch into the community. Jackie brings the same spirit of love, playfulness and connection into the classroom and curriculum.


Co-founder of TCHM and co-author of our book, "HOME MASSAGE: Transforming Family Life Through the Healing Power of Touch", Suzette brings calm, creativity and direction to our students. She is a Life Coach, blending her over 20 years experience as a licensed psychotherapist, tai chi instructor (3rd degree black belt) and professional artist to bring physical and emotional health to youth and adults. Students with concerns or challenges take their introspective journeys under Suzette's safe, honoring and professional guidance. Suzette believes "when the mind is still, the whole universe surrenders (Lao Tzu)." Suzette and Jackie lead TC Home Massage retreats throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties.